Bore Gauges

Electronic Barrel Bore Gauge

Now you can do it yourself. You can know the exact dimensions inside your barrel helping you maintain ISO 9000 compliance.Flite Technology's electronic I.D. gauges provide the ultimate in operation ease and measurement. There is virtually no way to miscalculate or misread these gauges. Now a single operator can accomplish barrel bore measurements in barrels up to 30' long and log the data directly to a computer for further analysis, or print out the data on a printer for a permanent record. Major FeaturesPrecision gauge heads from 2" to 12" Pencil probe linear gauge Extra large digital display unit featuring: zero set, direction change, inch/mm changeover, preset/load, tolerance set, max/min hold TIR, GO/NG output, recall*, hold clear Digimatic code out, ABS function*, remote* Printer logs bore gauge measurements (includes foot switch for data entry) (CTE-II, CTE-III) Extension handles (12 or 30 ft.) Carrying cases PC software*  CUSTOM MADE ID BORE GAGESInquire about option bore heads down to .250" ID and up to 24" ID. And 50' long.Please note we also rent and repair electronic barrel bore gages. Reseller's discounts available on Flite Mikes and Electronic barrel bore gages. Flite Technology also makes on site wear inspections and screw and barrel prints Worldwide.Hand drawings turned into CAD drawings. Software The user friendly, highly capable data acquisition software is designed to allow immediate measurement data analysis and feedback for variable, attribute and short inspection runs.

NEW, Barrel Bore Gage for only $975!

Flite Technology Inc. has been making long reach bore gages for over 25 years. Primarily for injection and extrusion barrels in plastics, food and rubber industries. However these can be used anywhere a measurement of a deep inside diameter is required.

The electronic bore gage above reaches in up to 96. Shorter units are available. Inside diameters from 2 (50mm) to 6 (150mm). .100 travel.

Unit works on a proven principle of two diametrically opposed measuring points. One fixed and one moving. Also incorporated are two stabilizing wheels.

This gage can rapidly check, ID size, ovality, taper and wear throughout the barrel or cylinder length.

Comes with spacers and extensions for close tolerance measurements.

This unit will help you stay in ISO-9000 or QS-9000 standards.

This gage is simple and easy to use. This gage is accurate and meets or exceeds all international standards. Bore gage constructed from hardened materials.

Extension pole made of aluminum for ease of use and eliminates weight of extension bar interfering with dimensions. No air or electric connection required.

.0005 graduation.

Unit is easily adjustable. Self-centering.

Inch or metric reading.

Measurements are obtained by setting the bore gage to zero to a known diameter, such as unworn section of part to be measured or ring gage etc. Other method is to set the distance between the fixed point and the moving point to the nominal ID size with a micrometer or vernier caliper and then set the unit to zero.

Flite Technology also offers repairs and calibration services for these gages.

Gage shipped in sturdy wood box and can me used for storage